Mauruuru roa – Heiva i Honolulu 2018

Ia Orana Tatou,

As always at the end of every Heiva event, my heart is filled with gratitude for all who have come together to make the event a success! I reach out to you with the fondest “mauruuru roa”.

Heiva i Honolulu 2018 Solo Competition took me back eighteen years to our beginning. As I glanced around the venue and watched intently at each soloist, memories of so many of you participating at Heivas past came back to my mind. Also, the new faces to Heiva i Honolulu kept me in awe of your commitment and appreciation to the continued growth of the Tahitian culture in Hawaii. It is evident that we share a common goal, the perpetuation of the tahitian culture, music, and dance.

Congratulations to all Heiva i Honolulu award recipients in the Solo Competition! We would like to also recognize Eden Au, Heiva i Honolulu 2018 Overall Vahiné from NONOSINA HAWAII and Makia de JESUS Heiva i Honolulu 2018 Overall Tane from ‘OTE’A ‘API for their excellence in tahitian dance. To all of Heiva i Honolulu 2018 award recipients, along with our judges, Hatota Tehiva, Camelia Temanaha, and Etua Tahauri, we encourage each of you to carry forward your skill, knowledge, and love for the tahitian culture into your community, to your Pupu Ori and join us in the perpetuation of Tahitian dance.

A Heiva is never without strong local community and family support, volunteers, and community business partnerships, including our vendors. We appreciate all Pupu Ori and Ra’atira for your time spent preparing each dancer for competition and bringing family and friends in support of the solo participants. Our loyal volunteers who year after year labor for love with a side of bento deserve recognition as well, thank you for always being prepared and ready to make it all happen. Our community partners, the Polynesian Cultural Center, Aloha Hula Supply, Chief Miko’s Carvings & Instruments, Fatu’s Instruments and Tahia Parker & Kehu’s Creations, your donations to the event are always the final touch needed to complete the Heiva.

As we head out into the world to perpetuate our culture, we must always remember we have a home to return to. We look forward to seeing all of you at Heiva i Honolulu 2019, as we bring back to stage group events alongside solos. I would like to share my deepest “mauruuru roa” to each of you for your contributions to Heiva i Honolulu 2018 and wish you all success until we meet again.

Ia Heiva te Heiva e, Ia Ora te ‘Ori Tahiti.
Rose H. Perreira
Tahiti Nui International

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